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Separating the pharmacological wheat from the chaff is the primary goal of myriamed. Our proprietary human cell and engineered tissue models allow for the simulation of health and disease in the dish. Our platform technologies find broad applications in early stages of drug discovery and refinement of the most promising therapeutic candidates.

Information gained from our advanced engineered tissue models can assist drug developers in defining safe and effective doses for first in human studies. Reduction in attrition rate and acceleration of clinical translation of the most promising therapeutic candidates to address pressing unmet medical needs is what we strive for.


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MYR- 6 values


We have a strong academic and entrepreneurial background. It is our passion to enable our customers to address unmet medical needs quickly, safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


We constantly innovate our technology platforms. We respect freedom of ideas and combine both internal and external technology and expertise from around the world to find best solutions.


We welcome diverse opinions and adverse views presented in a constructive manner. We strive to openly, fairly, and clearly communicate the rationale for our decisions.


We believe in trusting people internally and externally to quickly deliver solutions to complex system issues. Trust is enhanced by reliability, quality, and honesty.


We value success achieved under high ethical standards and environmental consciousness over success gained at the expense of others. We strive to be responsive to changes in technology and science impacting the needs of our customers.

Financial goal

is healthy and sustainable growth. The long-term prospect of success always lies at the heart of our strategies.


2019-09-20 14:13

The availability of human cell and tissue models is transforming preclinical drug development. Applications range from early stages of drug development to advanced individualized phenotypic screens. The promise is that clinical outcome as to safety and efficacy can be predicted early to expedite and de-risk drug development.

2019-09-20 14:13
2018-09-30 13:24

myriamed presented its technologies at the 2018 Safety Pharmacology Society Meeting in Washington, DC

2018-09-30 13:24
2017-09-24 14:59

myriamed presented its innovative platform technologies at the 2017 Safety Pharmacology Society Meeting in Berlin, Germany

2017-09-24 14:59

„E Pluribus Unum (out of many - one)“

Separating the pharmacological wheat from the chaff to enhance safety and efficacy of new molecular entities (NMEs) is the primary goal of myriamed. Our unique strengths are high quality secondary screens based on proprietary tissue engineered organ platforms. We offer our support to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry at an early stage of drug development to improve the attrition rate and enhance cost-effectiveness of drug development.

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Dr. Eriona Heta

Research & Development specialist with many years of experience in cardiac tissue engineering, myriamed platforms and genetic engineering. Dr. Heta obtained her PhD in Molecular Medicine at the University Medical Center Göttingen and has extensive knowledge in strategic management.

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Dr. Wolf Jockusch

Managing Director

Highly motivated and creative general manager with more than fifteen years of experience in the industrial & academic environment and a strong background in molecular biology and neurophysiology.

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Dr. Angelica Roa Lara

Research and Development specialist with more than 10 years of experience in cardiac tissue engineering based on human pluripotent stem cells, and a strong background in molecular biology. Dr. Roa has a PhD in Regenerative Sciences obtained at the Hannover Medical School.

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Gunther Zimmermann

Managing Director

Results driven general manager with more than 20 years of experience in personnel and financial matters. In addition to his role at myriamed he is Managing Director at Tissue Systems Holding, procurist at Jobactive and Executive Partner at Hanfried Personaldienstleistungen.

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Dr. Uwe Carl

Director Technical Operations

With more than 25 years of experience in the life science environment he has accumulated extensive skills in building up and structuring R&D and production facilities. Before joining myriamed he served for almost 20 years in various roles at IBA Lifesciences.

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