"E Pluribus Unum (out of many-one)"


Myriamed’s ultimate aim is to contribute to the development of new cures for today‘s most debilitating diseases by defining wanted and unwanted drug effects at the earliest possible time point.

With 20+ years of experience in cell and engineered muscle models we are determined to provide our customers with standardized and individualized solutions to move preclinical drug development closer to clinical reality. 

Strategic goals

myriamed's 4Rs


Costs per drug candidate and attrition during clinical development.


Drug development by targeting human disease mechanisms at clinically relevant concentrations/doses.


Non-human platforms early on in pre-clinical development (patient-in-the-dish concept).


Identify novel regenerative therapeutics by phenotypic screens using available (repurposing) or novel compounds, including biologicals and innovative proteome, transcriptome, and (epi)genome targeted therapeutics.


The dream
and goal

myriamed aims to be considered a one-stop shop for drug developers. We envision the myriamed’s “human touch” will contribute to the safe and efficacious transition of innovative drugs from preclinical to clinical stages in the most promising drug development programs.


What and why
we do it

At myriamed we strive for offering the best possible solution to assist drug developers. We work closely with our customers to identify needs and offer optimal solutions.


The how

A challenge in applying classical human cell models as a surrogate for the patient is the lack in organ physiology and functional maturity in standard cell cultures and micro-tissue models:

myriamed platforms are engineered for the most advanced degree of functional maturation. Engineered models with functional properties characteristic for health and disease are key for drug development.

Linking engineered organ function with clinical biomarkers will greatly facilitate translation from preclinical stages into clinical applications.

myriamed’s wholly human platforms allow for detailed mode of action analyses and a rationale dosing strategy for early clinical trials. This is particularly useful in cases where animal models largely fail, i.e., in the development of new therapies targeting specific human molecules (protein, RNA, DNA).

Technology and innovation

>100 papers and patent portfolio originating from founder’s lab (Prof. W.H. Zimmermann) with >20 years of experience in the field.

Intellectual property rights and licenses obtained to ensure FTO:
Tissue engineering technologies from Tissue Systems Holding GmbH (WO2007/054286; WO2008/058917); PSC-Technology from iPSC Academia Japan, Inc. (EP1970446); Tissue engineering and screening platform from University Medical Center Göttingen / MBM-Science Bridge GmbH (W WO2015/025030, WO2015/040142)

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