48-well 3D cell/tissue culture plates

myriamed offers 48-well 3D cell/tissue culture plates to aid construction and culture of engineered tissue.

Each well of the plates is equipped with two flexible poles (stretchers) to support the growth of tissues in a ring format under defined mechanical load. Wells are optimized for simple casting, culture, growth, and handling of engineered tissue, such as but not limited to engineered heart muscle, skeletal muscle and connective tissue.

myrPlates can be ordered with stretchers of variable stiffness for optimal results in specific engineered tissue models. We recommend first time users to determine optimal conditions by making use of our gradient plate.

Stretchers contain a fluorescent dye for optical tracing of mechanical forces developed by the engineered tissue rings. All plates have SBS format.


48-well plate with all stretchers having the same stiffness. You can choose six different degrees of stiffness (TM4 med – TM9 med). Our recommended standard stretcher stiffness is TM5 med.


48-well plate with a gradient of stretcher stiffnesses. Each plate comes with one row of the available stiffnesses ranging from soft to hard (TM4 med – TM9 med).

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