myriamed is now a member of Ksilink

myriamed is now a member of Ksilink

We proudly announce that myriamed GmbH is now a member of the Ksilink association. The public private association is aiming to render drug development faster and more efficient, heading towards precision medicine. Together with its partners Ksilink develops and applies patient based disease models for phenotypic drug discovery purposes, and generates novel molecular entities for diseases with a high medical need, such as cardiac disorders. Ksilink is covering the entire preclinical value chain by combining break-through technologies and know-how in patient-based disease modelling, AI based image analysis methodologies, phenotypic drug discovery, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. This strategic partnership is a key step in myriamed’s efforts to support pharmaceutical companies in the discovery and preclinical testing of novel drug candidates.

Since 2018 myriamed is already involved in a collaboration project with Ksilink, exploiting human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived models of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). The project is based on analyzing relevant model systems that reproduce morphometric and functional hallmarks of DCM in vitro. The complexity of DCM pathophysiology and the selectivity of morphological and functional abnormalities in cardiomyocytes can be recapitulated in cellular disease model systems derived from differentiated iPSC cultures. These model systems will be used in a high throughput, high content screen, analyzing multiple phenotypic parameters such as the subcellular distribution of sarcomeric proteins by applying latest deep learning methodologies.

About myriamed: myriamed has unique expertise in research and development of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), including genome edited lines, and in the controlling of their fate as to the differentiation into defined cellular lineages and tissues (published for example in Tiburcy et al. 2017 and Long et al. 2018). The myriamed product portfolio is constantly evolving and based on a comprehensive IP portfolio to offer its know-how and associated services in drug development.

myriamed gives access to the following expertise:

• high quality human iPSC-derived somatic cells (myrCell) to be used in drug discovery and development.

• macroscale (3D) tissue (myrTissue) generated from the respective iPSC lines with properties of postnatal tissue for advanced screening and target validation.

• A highly parallelized phenotypic screening service (myrScreen).

myriamed has therefore two main types of activities, the generation of high-quality biological material allowing the research of new therapeutic targets, and the realization of customized phenotypic screenings.

About Ksilink: Ksilink is a private-public translational association aiming in phenotypic patient-based drug discovery and preclinical development of novel molecular entities. Ksilink was founded in 2014 in the heart of Europe in Strasbourg, France with the objective to establish a unique end-to-end translational concept with compiled expertise from academia and industry managing high-end equipped platforms for disease modeling, large scale cell production, AI driven image analysis, phenotypic screening, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. Together with its 12 industrial and academic members and a dedicated platform, Ksilink bridges the gap between the scientific excellence of German and French R&D and the pharmaceutical industry by generating tangible results for the benefit of patients. Members of the Ksilink association are the national institute for health and medical research INSERM, the University of Heidelberg and the University of Strasbourg, the Central Institute for Mental Health CIMH, the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ, the patient organization AFM Téléthon the German Lead Discovery Center LDC, the two biotech companies Life&Brain and myriamed GmbH, the healthcare industry clusters BioPro Baden Württemberg GmbH and BioValley France, and Sanofi.

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