myriamed is a member of the international 4D Bioprinting network

myriamed is a member of the international 4D Bioprinting network

myriamed has become a member of the ZIM innovation network 4D Bioprinting. The network, which is led by EurA AG supports concrete innovative products and new services in the field of bioprinting for applications in biology, pharmacy, and medicine. Thus, the network promotes the commercialization of the innovative technologies of the network partners by market-oriented R&D projects and establishment of new value chains for biopharmaceuticals and medicine.
Phase 1 of the network was ended in July 2021 and the network has entered Phase 2 for another 36 months.

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About myriamed: myriamed has unique expertise in research and development of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), including genome edited lines, and in the controlling of their fate as to the differentiation into defined cellular lineages and tissues (published for example in Tiburcy et al. 2017 and Long et al. 2018). The myriamed product portfolio is constantly evolving and based on a comprehensive IP portfolio to offer its know-how and associated services in drug development. myriamed gives access to the following expertise:

  • high quality human iPSC-derived somatic cells (myrCell) to be used in drug discovery and development.
  • macroscale (3D) tissue (myrTissue) generated from the respective iPSC lines with properties of postnatal tissue for advanced screening and target validation.
  • A highly parallelized phenotypic screening service (myrScreen).

myriamed has therefore two main types of activities, the generation of high-quality biological material allowing the research of new therapeutic targets, and the realization of customized phenotypic screenings. To learn more about myriamed’s products please contact us:

About EurA AG: EurA is an international consulting company specialized in innovation and technology. Our consultants support companies, research institutions and public clients of all sizes in enabling technical innovations. We support tomorrow’s market leaders in generating ideas for innovations, developing new products and services and launching them internationally. EurA clients benefit from the sector and industry experience as well as from the technical knowledge of our highly qualified consultants. As an expert in funding and as a leader in innovation ecosystems, we are the ideal strategic partner for business and science – certified and quality-tested.

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