Helping to accelerate the development of novel drugs against Covid-19 disease

Helping to accelerate the development of novel drugs against Covid-19 disease

Even though vaccines against Covid-19 will be available soon, artificial herd immunity via vaccination will probably not reached until the end of 2021.

Thus, the current fight against Covid-19 disease heavily relies on already available drugs. Unfortunately, there is hardly any drug that fights the disease effectively. Cortisone based therapeutics are currently the ones used most frequently and most successfully. The originally promising drug Remdesivir, which has been approved for the treatment of Covid-19 for several months ago, plays a limited role in treatment, because it only works during the early phase of the disease. Therefore, there is still a high demand in developing new drugs against Covid-19 disease.

myriamed can help to accelerate the development of these drugs. With its products and services myriamed supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies from early preclinical to clinical stages of drug development to accelerate the clinical translation of novel safe and efficacious therapeutics.

myriamed has unique expertise in research and development of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), including genome edited lines, and in the controlling of their fate as to the differentiation into defined cellular lineages and tissues (published for example in Tiburcy et al. 2017 and Long et al. 2018). The myriamed product portfolio is constantly evolving and based on a comprehensive IP portfolio to offer its know-how and associated services in drug development.

Separating the pharmacological wheat from the chaff is the primary goal of myriamed. Our proprietary human cell and engineered tissue models allow for the simulation of health and disease in the dish. Our platform technologies find broad applications in early stages of drug discovery and refinement of the most promising therapeutic candidates.

The availability of human cell and tissue models is transforming preclinical drug development. Applications range from early stages of lead discovery to advanced individualized phenotypic screens to shape a promising therapeutic candidate. myriamed offers a broad portfolio of highly standardized services as well as custom-made solutions to accelerate drug development.

At myriamed we focus on heart and skeletal muscle as well as on neuronal organoids. Our myrCell and myrTissue platforms define wanted and unwanted drug effects in a unique human context. myrScreen combines our expertise in phenotypic drug screens and enables deep phenotyping of drug effects on healthy or diseased human heart and skeletal muscle as well as on neuronal organoids.

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