Great News

Great News

At the SPS Meeting Developer Tim Meyer of the myriamed GmbH presents a preview of its brand new MyrImager!

The Product Launch of the MyrImager System will be coming soon!

What is the MyrImager? The MyrImager is a Video Optical Analyzer that offers a revolutionary solution in Tissue Cultivation and Drug Development. We are pleased to announce myriamed's MyrImager System – a groundbreaking solution for tissue culture and drug development. The myrImager is a video-optical analysis device developed in parallel and aligned with the myrPlates. In combination with our 48-well 3D cell/tissue culture plates, the myrPlates, the myrImager system provides a comprehensive solution for the use of engineered tissue models in research and drug development. The MyrImager was developed together with our development partner, SYNENTEC GmbH from Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, to optically detect and analyze tissue structures cultured on the myrPlates. The device can be used for high out screening and is specifically designed for use with the MyrPlates.

Want to learn more? Just contact us and stay tuned for more upcoming news to the product lunch on our social accounts.

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