18th SPS Meeting in Washington DC

18th SPS Meeting in Washington DC

myriamed presented its technologies at the 2018 Safety Pharmacology Society Meeting in Washington, DC


The availability of human cell and tissue models is transforming preclinical drug development. Applications range from early stages of drug development to advanced individualized phenotypic screens. The promise is that clinical outcome as to safety and efficacy can be predicted early to expedite and de-risk drug development.

At myriamed we focus on heart and skeletal muscle. Our myrCell and myrTissueplatforms define wanted and unwanted drug effects in a unique human context. myrScreen combines our expertise in phenotypic drug screens and enables deep phenotyping of drug effects on healthy or diseased human heart and skeletal muscle.

Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the development of new cures for today‘s most debilitating diseases by defining wanted and unwanted drug effects at the earliest possible time point.

Partnering with myriamed connects you to experts in muscle.

Physiology · Pathology · Pharmacology · Toxicology

With 20+ years of experience in cell and engineered muscle models we are determined to provide our customers with standardized and individualized solutions to move preclinical drug development closer to clinical reality.

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